About me

I am a senior software engineer with 16 years of development experience. I also have experience as a team lead, as a scrum master, in business development, and mentoring junior developers. I'm currently building web applications and mobile games for 21st Centry FOX, and in the past I have worked on web applications for Google Enterprise and Google Cloud, NASA, EA, Cisco, and eBay.


Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, ES6, jQuery, NodeJS, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, NoSQL, MySQL, Python, Django, Flask, Hadoop, C#, Unity3D, Actionscript, PHP, C++, OOP, REST, NPM, Linux, Unix, AWS, Google Cloud, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, JSON, SASS, CSS3, Git, SVN, Perforce

Graphic Design

Adobe Suite, Unity3D, Maya, GUI, SVG, Vector, Flash, Blender

OPS & Deployment

Jenkins, Apache, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS

Virtual Machines

VMWare, VirtualBox

Agile Development

SCRUM, JIRA, Rally, Pivotal Tracker





Google, Electronic Arts, eBay


Kabam!, iWin Games, Outbid.com


Python, Maya, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ThreeJS, C#, Unity3D, Photoshop

Responsive AngularJS Gallery & AMD
AngularJS, RequireJS, LESS
http://tjmacari.github.io/vanilla https://github.com/tjmacari/vanilla
MEAN Stack database
MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS, ES6
3D First person shooter game demo
Unity3D, C#, Photoshop
Implements pathfinding, damage, health, multiple cameras (viewport and fists), notification manager, general game manager, spritesheet manipulation, 3D asset manipulation, design patterns, music, sound effects, coding so items and enemies always face the camera, and animation.
https://github.com/tjmacari/Abandoned-Office https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTOSlWy_QwE
Maya / Python script orbit scene
Python, Maya
Created python scripts in Maya to randomize hexagon shapes, force them to face centered glowing orb, animate in a circular motion, and pulse to and from the orb. Applied directional light as well a point light within the org.
https://github.com/tjmacari/maya_orbit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oWAlBCvsqw